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Does your VBS program need an extra volt of adventure and excitement? Then plug into this new VBS skit pack, THE ADVOCATES. Designed to portray the electrifying power of the Holy Spirit as he works in our lives, these avenger-themed scripts will encourage students to plug in and power up!

Our story begins as Deputy Darla is immediately summoned for an urgent mission. Her boss, the Counselor, hands her a folder containing the following identities:

Arachne: a paranoid phobic

Alloy Boy: a notorious thief

Bulk: a loner with anger-management issues

Captain: a ruthless bully

She reluctantly listens as he explains that these are her newly assigned recruits for a special team of advocates. Certain that these prospects will prove defective and poisonous to the cause, Darla is anything but enthused. The Counselor assures her that these are the needed agents and that their unique talents will prove valuable and effective once they are plugged in and powered by the one true source of strength.

Accompany the Deputy and the Counselor as they daily approach each new recruit with a cryptic yet compelling offer to join their team. As the end of the week approaches, mysteries are solved, problems are answered, and the lives of these once-misfits are forever changed as the Counselor transforms them into the advocates they were created to be.